The world of skateboarding is slowly embracing a healthy lifestyle and with that come things like training, dieting, physiotherapy, rehab etc. But what is the right thing to do? Who do you contact and what do you aks? I hope to offer you affordable help to get you at the right place or make a specific skateboarding training program suited to your needs.

My name is Jeroen Stam I am a skateboarder en MSc Sportsphysiotherapist from the Netherlands. Alongside my regular work and skating I run an instagram acount called Skateboardphysio, hence the name of the website. Via this platform I try to help as many skateboarders with there skateboard related injuries as possible.

While there are millions of skateboarders they are scattered all across the globe we lack healthcare professionals who can relate to the sport. Luckily the skateboard community is very active on social media and share our video’s parts, merchandise and more via the web. So why not share healthcare over the web. Therefor I created this website. A place where skaters across the globe can discuss there injuries with me or start a 12 week program (pre- or rehab). As well as a blog where you can read about injury prevention, the latest news in skateboarding healthcare or just a few of my many brain farts.

I can help anyone who is looking for a home or gym program to improve there skating or prevent injury. But also with minor injuries that need guidance and a specific exercise program. I hope you will find what you are looking for.