Skateboard work-out

We get a lot of questions asking for specific exercises for a wide range of goals. Going from injury related exercises to improving their pop. The answers are just not simple enough to answer over the DM on IG. We need context and sometimes we need to examine the injured or previously injured body part, do some tests and have a face to face conversation. So just giving an exercise is not so simple as it might seem. Here are some options we put together for you.

Small group training:
Since februari 2020 we started a small group training with skateboarders. It’s programming designed for injury prevention, increase cardio-vascular system specific for skateboarding and increase your pop. The idea is that with less injuries and a better stamina you can skate longer, skate more and recover faster.
We also try to teach what kind of exercises and methods there are to use to your benefit. So that after a view sessions you are able to train on your own and make the right decisions.

Where: GoFysio Archimedesbaan 2, Nieuwegein in the Netherlands
When: every Wednesday, 19.30-20.30
Price: 124 euro for 10 times (different subscriptions are also possible)

Online coaching:
We just relaunched online coaching. Either, if you want to train at home or at the gym, we can make you a program that will fit your needs and wishes. If you send us a message via the contact form we will get back to you to make an appointment for the online intake (via video chat). After the intake we will send you your program with instruction video’s, for the 12 week program we have one evaluation via video chat at 6 weeks. During your training you can upload video’s of you training for feedback or you can send us your remarks or questions.

You can choose between a 6 week program (70 euro) of 12 week program (125 euro), for more info follow this link.

A screenshot of the POP home-program

‘Add-on’ programs:

Another option is to buy a standard ready to use program based on a certain outcome. For example, the POP home-program. This is based on improving your pop in 6 weeks. It is filled with exercises and video’s, and all without any equipment. We’ll be posting a new work-out really soon, we’re finisching up ‘The core and mobility home-program’.
But how does it work? Well, you press the link here to go to my Fitr page. There you will find the available programs. There each 10 euro, but if you register quickly you can use the coupon code ‘CoronaQuarantine2020’ to get 25 % off. You register and pay via creditcard, after that you can add any program to you Fitr account en find them in your calender.

Fitr training

See you soon via the webcam or at GoFysio for de small group work out.

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