Easy warm up before skateboarding

Education is a strong tool for injury prevention. So Flatspot magazine and I got together to make an episode about it. In this episode, I will tell you about a good way to warm up for skateboarders. It is in dutch, we’ll try to add subtitles in the future. For the time being, I will break it down for you in the text below.


Warming up has several benefits for you and your skating. It increases mobility, strength, and power which is needed to olie up that bench. Next, to that, it decreases the risk of injuries! To top it off, it will only take a few minutes.


To give your warm up some structure you can use the RAMP method.

  • Raise your heart rate and blood flow by doing rope jumps, jumping jacks, running or doing multiple squats.
  • Activate the muscles you want to use. So for skateboarding, it’s primarily your leg muscles.
  • Mobilize the joints you need to use. I would suggest focusing on your ankles and hips, for those joints are most likely to be restricted in mobility.
  • Potentiate is an expensive word for running down your ‘got-to’s’ or basic tricks. Create the potential for better and more difficult tricks.

I hope this gives you a good summary of how to structure your warm-up. Keep checking my Instagram page for new exercises to use while warming up.

Stay strong, keep skating!


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